ZIY is a Jordanian based exclusive fashion collection for fashion-forward and trendsetting women. Expanding from Farah Shop, the most distinguished wedding and formal wear boutique in Amman, Jordan, they have become an international style source for must-have clothing items from around the world.
When you're in a certain market for long enough, you begin to observe the respective behavioral trends and if your mind is analytical enough, which Farah's sure is, certain relevant ideas begin to form. What she observed was the fact that many who were coming in for formal dress and wedding gowns often wanted to add something more casual to their collection. She also observed that the Shop's customers often went out of their way, when on vacation in Jordan, to go to Farah Shop. They often came in dressed in casual dresses that Farah thought were mediocre in quality – compared to what she had seen from business trips to factories in the US Europe  and Turkey. Finally, she observed that she herself, amongst her own customers and friends, were doing a lot of their shopping online.
Slowly but surely, with all these observations brewing, Ziy was born, selling casual wear all over the Middle East, at competitive prices and at your own time.
As trendsetters in the fashion industry with exquisite taste and style, owners of Farah Shop bring you ZIY -  a stylish casual wear collection born of passion and inspired, as always, by our fans.
shopziy is the premiere destination for affordable contemporary women's fashion



 Customers are welcome to visit the showroom to view products and to buy. ٍٍSome of the products  on the shopziy website are available at the showroom.

Some orders have a shorter delivery time of 1-2 working days

while others could be delivered within 14 working days of the date of the order.

Um Uthiana, Jewelry Market

Complex no.19,  1st floor


Opening Hours:

Saturday – Thursday: 11am – 7:00pm closed on Friday


wattsApp: 0799866653


ام اذينة, سوق المجوهرات, مجمع  رقم 119, الطابق الاول فوق ركن الهدايا.



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