2017 Summer Color Trends

Jun 28 2017

This year summer trends get more intresting every day. Many inspration coming from 1980s rule this year. Such as bling and legs, open shoulders, frills on everywhere and this things we see at the trend is used on unused colors. Scarlet, pink, fuschia and more fuschia is this years color which is very trendy. 

Unique prints with unusual colors are something we are see at the streets everyday. Stripes, flowers, iconic prints are more used then evet before. Every year we go further in fashion we come back more. I think that next years trend will be 70's :)

By the way matching colors are not in anymore its time to mix & match. Don't try to find best  color match shoe for your dress. Pick some and wear it will look trendy. If you don't believe  us u can check S/S 2017 brand cat walks. Roland Mouret, Max Mara,  3.1 Phillip Lim, Balenciaga are some of them you can check.

And some of our products depend on this trends

Saxe Ruffle Collar Dress


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